Whole Cooked Crab Claws


Whole Cooked Crab Claws


Whole Cooked Crab Claws

Freshly cooked, cooled, selected for you and packed to seal in the flavour.

Whole Cooked Crab Claws are deliciously meaty. You’ll need a hammer for this! Crack the shells gently with a hammer before serving. You can warm them up a bit before eating, but we think they are just as nice when eaten cold. The claws and arms are thick through with meat so make sure you’ve got a pick on hand to get every last little bit out.

Produced by D R Collin & Son in there SALSA approved cooking factory

Sold in

  • 1kg unit Fresh or Frozen
  • 2kg unit Fresh or Frozen
    12/20 claws per pack.

crabs are sustainable caught using creels / pots

creel caught
creel caught
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